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Wireswest Repeat NAVHDA NA 1/112

Wireswest Off The Grid NAVHDA NA1/112 UT 1/192  x  CH Wireswest The Nose Knows NAVHDA UT 1/199


7 Weeks Old

Pete started swimming at 6 weeks old and was naturally swimming by his first stroke.  By 14 weeks, he was swimming solo making double retrieves in the water.  He would mark both bumpers on his first trip out and then eagerly go back for the second. 
Pete has an easy going temperament and gets along with all dogs in any situation.  Pete has a great short tight coat designed for the cold weather hunting.  Pete earned a NAVHDA NA Prize 1/112 score and will start training for UT in the spring 2023. 

Pete has been PennHip and this hips rank within the tightest 5% of Distraction Index for the breed, Right Di = 0.18 and Left Di = 0.17

Pete is 24" and 59 pounds.

8 Weeks Old

PetePoint8wks (3).jpg

7 Weeks Old

PeteSwim1 (2).jpg

6 Weeks Old

Video of Double Retrieve at 15 Weeks Old

Video of Pete's solid point at 1+ years old

Pete8wks (3).jpg
Pete6 (2).JPG

Video of Single Retrieve to Hand at 15 Weeks Old

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