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Wireswest Repeat NAVHDA NA 1/112

Wireswest Off The Grid NAVHDA NA1/112 UT 1/192  x  CH Wireswest The Nose Knows NAVHDA UT 1/199


Pete took to the water at 6 weeks old and was naturally swimming with his first stroke.  By 14 weeks, he was eagerly making double bumper retrieves in the water.  Pete has a very stylish point with a high head.  He can range big in the chukar hills if you let him but he is very cooperative and a loyal hunting buddy.
Pete has an easy going temperament and makes a very calm house dog.  His maintenance-free short tight dark liver coat lays flat and keeps him warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Pete earned a NAVHDA NA Prize 1/112 perfect score and we are excited to start his NAVHDA UT training in the spring 2024.  

Pete has been PennHip and this hips rank within the tightest 5% of Distraction Index for the breed, Right Di = 0.18 and Left Di = 0.17


8 Weeks Old

PetePoint8wks (3).jpg

7 Weeks Old

Pete6 (2).JPG

CHIC #   Waiting Approval         Height 24"      Weight 58 lbs      
DOB: 03/19/2021                       Pennhip Right Di=0.18  Left Di=0.17           
AKC # SS25592602                    Eyes: Normal        Heart: Normal     
NAVHDA # GW-013338              Elbows: Normal    Thyroid: Normal              Furnishings:  Ff                   

        Bred, Owned,Trained, and Handled by Meg Eden        


PeteSwim1 (2).jpg

6 Weeks Old

Video of Double Retrieve at 15 Weeks Old

Video of Pete's solid point at 1+ years old

Pete8wks (3).jpg

Video of Single Retrieve to Hand at 15 Weeks Old

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