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Breeding Exceptional Bird Dogs to Exceptional Bird Dogs

All puppy photos on this page are
6 - 8 weeks of age unless noted.

Wireswest GWP is committed to producing healthy, talented, and consistent family hunting dogs.  Let's face it, there are plenty of dogs produced every year and many from back-yard breeders or puppy mills that breed by way of convenience.  At Wireswest GWP, we select dogs for our breeding program that "make the grade" in both health and field talent as top notch bird dogs.  We have been GWP (German Wirehaired Pointer) breeders in Oregon since 2001.  All our dogs are health tested to be certified free of hip and elbow dysplasia, thyroid and heart disease, eye clearance (CERF), and free of vWD (Von Willebrands) disease.  These health clearance results can be found on OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, CHIC Certification Program) database at  To search this database, it will require either the AKC registration # or registered name of dam and sire, which you will find on our website.

We don't breed based on the pedigree alone, but in addition to them.  Our breeding selections are also based on what we observe in the field during the wild bird hunting seasons in several states with varing weather and terrain conditions.  The traits we look for in each potential breeding dog is desire, boldness, nose, temperament, stamina, cooperation, along with natural pointing, honoring, and retrieving instincts.  We never breed to a particular sire because of second-hand knowledge but because we have personally spent time with them in and off the field.  We also breed for correct breeding type; including proper coat, conformation, and structure.


We are very strict in breeding to only healthy dogs.  We maintain a high standard of health screening for both dam and sire to best ensure that their offsprings will live long, healthy, and happy lives.  We have observed others that bred to a popular dog with known heritable diseases or potential carriers of these diseases and/or undesirable traits because that particular dog maybe a flashy field dog or show dog with a lot of titles to its credit.  We don't believe in taking the risk and experimenting with our litters.  Most important, we will never breed to a dog with a sharp temperament (aggressive traits) as we believe that can be inherited to their offsprings.  In essence, both sire and dam must meet the grade in field talent, health clearances, and temperament to be part of our breeding program.  Unfortunate;y, not all GWPs meet this criteria.  

Wireswest GWP is committed to producing a small number of exceptional German Wirehaired Pointers with 1-2 litters/year from carefully paired breedings of complementary dams and sires.  We are not a commerical kennel and are selective in placing puppies in only responsible avid family hunting homes.  

P1030785 (2).JPG

Field trials and tests are one of several tools that we use in determining hunting aptitude and performance in selecting our breeding dogs but more importantly, we "breed exceptional bird dogs to exceptional bird dogs". 

Our dogs are often titled in both AKC (American Kennel Club) mounted and walking trials, AKC hunt tests, and NAVHDA (North America Versatile Hunting Dog Association) and we pride their versatile field accomplishments to their heritable genes.  We have proven time and time again with earning multiple versatile titles on the same dog that include field champion, master hunter, NAVHDA, and obedience titles.  Our dogs will adjust their field range to the terrain and conditions that is being asked of them, whether they open up in horseback competition in big open country, shorten up with foot hunting/walking trials/tests, or tighten up in thick vegetation cover when hunting pheasants, quail, and forest grouse.  We believe that Wireswest GWPs have the talent , intelligence, and cooperation to go in any and all directions.  

JAG7WKS366 (2).JPG

What to expect from a Wireswest puppy at time of pick at 8 weeks old.

1. AKC and NAVHDA Limited * Registration (NAVHDA is prepaid).
2. Socialization with adults and children.
3. Exposure to field, water, gun fire, and birds.
4. Updated routine worming and vaccinations.
5. Implanted microchip with paid registration through AKC Reunite.
6. Wellness exam with written results by a licensed veterinarian.
7. Check cord, bumper, collar, small sack of puppy food.
8. Puppy notebook to include all paperwork; including, pedigrees, health records, veterinarian evaluations, and photos.

* Limited registrations only limit future offsprings from being registered.  Limited registration puppies are still eligible to enter all AKC and NAVHDA field events.  Limited registrations can be lifted by the breeder to obtain a full registration for breeding purposes if the dog obtains health clearances after 2 years of age with proven talent in the field.  Limited registration allows time for the puppy to mature to determine if it is of breeding quality.


Puppy Price and Conditions of Sale


Our 2022 puppy prices is $1,800 for a male or female at 8 weeks of age; however, $300 could be reimbursed to any puppy that passes NAVHDA NA (Natural Ability Prize 1,2, or 3) before it turns 16 months of age.  A $300 deposit is required to reserve a puppy and be on our waiting list. The deposit is non-refundable unless we are unable to provide the agreed upon puppy or time table.

Puppy buyers will be informed of breeding dates, ultra sounds and/or x-ray results, and provided estimated pickup dates (when puppies are 8 weeks old).  We can hold a puppy a little longer if prior arrangements were made.

Puppies are guaranteed to be healthy at time of sale and free of health issues up to 2 years of age.  If an unforeseen health condition occurs before 2 years of age, we will refund the purchase price of the puppy and take back the puppy if the owner chooses once we recieve a written evaluation by a veterinarian.

Dew claws will not be removed, please learn more at Dew Claws Have a Purpose at 


Wireswest GWP


There is a lot of research and knowledge in knowing the heritable traits in a specific breed so puppy buyers have to put a lot of trust in where they purchase their next dog.  We don't breed dogs just to sell puppies, we breed for that next promising prospect in the next generation to have as an exceptional family hunting dog that could bring home blue ribbons in the off season.  

5 weeks old
9 weeks old
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10 Weeks Old
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