Welcome to our website and thank you for taking a virtual tour to learn more about Wireswest GWPs in central Oregon.  We have owned several different sporting breeds over the years but the German Wirehaired Pointer became our breed of choice in 1997.  We were searching for a breed could "do it all" by having the stamina for hunting the steep unforgiving chukar country day after day AND meet the harsh demands of waterfowl hunting.  But even more important;y we were looking for a calm, stable temperament hunting dog to be our family member.  After our first GWP, we never looked back.  

For decades we primarly hunted the canyons to hill tops in central and eastern Oregon for chukars, Huns, and quail for 40-50 days/season.  We occassionally hunted waterfowl but our committment was to the "devil birds" and we focused our breeding program to producing dogs that could maintain the endurance of hunting multiple days afield, hold the birds on a long point, eager to retrieve in cold water, and yet still be a calm house dog that was easy to live with.  Bird hunting has been our way of life for years as we added new generations to our lines. 

Recently, we retired from our "real jobs" which has allowed us the opportunity to hunt in other states with new challenging bird species, weather conditions, terrain, and ground cover.  We have been fortunate to spend time in South Dakota, Wyoming, Nevada, and Montana and discover new honey holes.  Our time hunting in the field behind o
ur dogs in varying terrain and habitat has provided us the opportunity to properly evaluate our dog's performance and make responsible decisions about our breeding program.  We only breed our best dogs.   


Us, back in the day...

We are not a commerical kennel as our dogs are our passion, not our living.  We do not rehome our retired breeding dogs nor do we breed all our dogs.  Our dogs are our family house dogs so there no second guessing as to their temperaments and health. We welcome and encourage you to come out and meet all our dogs for yourselves to witness their wonderful temperaments but be prepared to meet a crowd with long wet tongues!  


We are avid bird hunters first and foremost but during the off season, we test our dogs in AKC and NAVHDA field events to evaluate their hunting abilities, stamina, temperament, desire, and trainability.  Our dogs not only compete against other GWPs but other pointing breeds.

Our dogs are trained and handled in all field competition events by us so we know our dogs inside and out.  We are often in direct competition with professional trainers and we seem to hold our own.  Field trials and tests provide us the opportunity to see how our GWPs stack up against all other pointing breeds and help us to evaluate our breeding program.

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