Wireswest GWP

Older GWP Puppies  and Started Dogs for Sale

It is unusual for us to have several started older puppies for sale at this time.  Right now we have one female and one male under 1 year of age.  We will be happy to discuss the indivual qualities of each pup and suggest the best pick for your style of hunting.  Every puppy is up-to-date on vaccines; including, puppy rabies and first rattle snake (2nd rattlesnake vaccination will be given at the end of October), wormed routinely, implanted and paid registration microchip, dual registration in AKC and NAVHDA, shot-over, and pointing - They are ready to go hunting now.  All puppies will be sold with limited registration which can be lifted if they are proven to be of breeding quality as adults.  

Rox was built for the chukar hills and a chukar hunter's dream dog.  Rox is a small compact female that is very athletic and light on her feet, has a harsh wash and wear coat with ideal furnishings, and a great nose that stops on bird scent. Rox is very much like her sire, Ace (CH Wireswest Ace In The Hole UT1/204) with a quiet  temperament and biddable manners.  I thought Rox was not crazy about the water but recently discovered that if there is a bird in the water to retrieve, she will get the job done.  She is an upland dog through and through as her first choice and so far, she is ranging short to medium - just like you want them to do at this age.  With time, she will expand as she get more experience if you encourage her to.  She will work as a team player and you won't have to go looking for her.  She has been shot over and making decent retrieves for a pup.  She rides quietly in her crate or back seat, cooperates in the field, and very easy to have around.  Born May 19, 2021 she is current on vaccinations (distemper, rabies, rattlesnake), worming, AKC/NAVHDA registered, and microchipped.  Priced at $1,800 Contact us at 541-410-3935




Pete is a handsome compact dark solid liver male that really loves the water.  He is the ideal waterfowl dog and with more training, will become a reliable upland hunting dog. He will most likely be 50-55  pounds as an adult and 23-24".  His coat is close to perfect with a tight short German-style, with plenty of furnishings and you will love his beard.  His bone is solid and he is a well muscled strong dog. He has a solid temperament, has been shot over, and ready to go hunting now.  He is all business in the field and calm in the home.  Born March 19, 2021, we kept Pete longer because he needed more time to develop his point. He is pointing now but will need more training. You will love his desire to work birds and his willingness to learn.  He is a sweet boy and easy to have around, sort of an old soul in the house.  His is current on all vaccinations and ready to go hunting.  He is priced at $1,800



Pete Retrieve.PNG

Boone got off to a slow start in his new home when placed at 8 weeks old.  His owners were inexperienced in raising a hunting dog and overwhemed in what was required to raise an active hunting breed.  Boone was loved and cared for but held back in exposure and development for the field.  Boone was returned when he was 5 months old and we are so amazed on how well he is catching up to his littermate's abilities and surprisenly, surpassing many of them.  He was born with all the genetics to be a great hunting dog, he just needed the opportunity to developed it.  Boone has a great coat with ideal furnishings.  He is a few inches taller than Pete right now and will  possibly be 65+ pounds as an adult (he is large German bone and will be on the larger size).  Boone was one of my top picks in the litter and he continues to vaidate that in training.  You will never be disappointed in his hunting abilities as Boone is an "all in one dog" that will make both an outstanding waterfowl and upland hunting dog.  You can take him in both directions as he has equal outstanding qualities on both land and water.  He holds a long point with incredible style and then can flip into a outstanding water dog that loves to retrieve (but not always to hand).  We are working on retrieving to hand and believe with time and patiences, he will be a great retriever, but he is a bit over-enthusiactic right now.  Boone had a little anxiety from NOT being crated and kennel as a young pup, missing out on the opportunity to be by himself.  As a result of learning this "tough love" of being by himself now, he as learned to bark.  We have tapered off his barking with a bark collar and he is gaining forward, but with a few bumps in the road along the way. The good news is that he has greatly improved and we believe he will completely recover with continual training.  He has shown tremendous improvement in his 2 months back with us and if continued on this training path, he should recover into a normal dog.  He is worth the risk but it will take time and effort.  Once you see him perform in the field, you will not be as concerned with his adolence temporary faults. Boone is short ranging dog for now, but believe he will stretch out as he gains more experience (if you want him to).  He always keeps an eye on you so you will not spend your hunt searching for your dog.  We strongly believe he is ready to place now in the right situation.  Boone will be given a trial period, as all our started dogs are given to make sure they fit in the right home.  Boone is scheduled to be neutered in January because he is monorchid (one descended testicle). We will pay for his surgery if performed at our clinic here in central Oregon.  We are hoping to find a home with lots of kids so he will learn not to become fixed as a one owner dog.  He really needs his people as he is very loyal and loveable and he choses people over other dogs for companionship  You will never be disappointed in your decision to get this dog as he is on his way to become one of the best.  He is current on all vaccinations.  Priced currently at $1,800