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Wireswest GWP

Older GWP Puppies and Started Dogs for Sale

Occasionally we have a started dog or a dog we would like to co-own.   We don't always list our available started dogs for sale on our website so please give us a call to see if we have what you are looking for. 

Photos coming soon....


Rizzo is a young, mid-ranging cooperative versatile hunting dog that wants to hunt for you.  He has strong natural retrieves, solid points, and strong water drive that is tough to beat.  Rizzo is also a calm family dog that is easy to live with.  He has a great coat that is built for the water and heavy cover.  He tested through the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (VHDF) and received a score of 68 (out of 70) in the Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (HAE) and a Advanced Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (AHAE) of 161/180.  His hips are OFA Excellent and Thyroid is Normal.  Rizzo is owned by Kelly Jobes of Bone Point Kennels in Baker City, OR. 

Brio is a gift as a strong versatile land/water bird dog and yet a calm family dog.  While she will continue to hit the brush each season, she will be retiring from the whelping box after this last litter.  We continue to receive positive feedback from our puppy buyers to confirmed that our breeding decisions for her were the right decisions.  Brio really takes to the cattail/bull rush marshes seriously and never gives up searching for those older wildy roosters.   She can burrow into the thick cover leaving no stone unturned yet maintain focus on staying in range of the shotguns.  Her greatest joy is running down those wounded roosters that run for cover and she has never lost a bird yet. She has hunted many ridge tops and canyons for chukars and is honest in holding those birds as long as it takes for us to reach her.  Her retrieves are always to hand and always fit for the dinner table.  Brio has a deep desire for waterfowl too and will not give up the search for a wounded duck and can easily pack a goose as long as needed for the retrieve.  Her temperament is solid and not one bit aloof as the breed is described and our official greeter to all that visit.  Brio is trained for NAVHDA Utility but always came into season (as she did this year too) at testing time, preventing her from testing.  She will be spayed this fall and tested next  year.  

Pending Sale

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