Two April Litters
This completes our 2022 breeding season.

Wireswest GWPs
***  Our Deetz x Rowdy litter arrived on April 16th.  There is 1 male still available.  More information on this litter is listed below.
***  Hobbs x Trek litter arrived on April 26th. 9 puppies and many still available..
*** We have an older male puppy available from our December litter.  See Started Older Puppy page.

Our 2022 puppy price is $1,800 with a $300 incentive refund if your puppy passes NAVHDA Natural Ability.  Learn more about NAVHDA at  and our Incentive refund on our Choosing A Puppy page.

A $300 deposit is required to reserve a puppy once they are born and will be applied to the puppy purchase. The deposit is non-refundable unless we are unable to provide the agreed upon puppy or timetable, then the deposit can be either refunded or applied to the next litter.  Puppies are available for pickup at 8 weeks of age.  To learn more about our breeding program, please check out out Choosing A Puppy page.

We allow puppy buyers to select their own puppy in priority of where they are on the list.  We will provide many photos/videos to help with the process and also encourage puppy buyers to come out and visit the litter once the puppies are 5-6 weeks old.  We will offer recommendations/suggestions of the puppy's coat and personality, but we strongly believe that it is the decision of the puppy buyer to select their own puppy as their family hunting dog.  
Wireswest GWPs

Deetz x Rowdy Litter arrived on April 16th

8 beautiful healthy puppies have arrived. 
6 males (4 liver ticked and 2 solid liver) and
2 females (1 liver ticked and 1 solid liver). 
"There are 1 male still available"

Pleasant Title


Wireswest Attention To Detail Navhda NA 1/112

Dual Shots Desert Fox NAIII


Rowdy is your classic athletic hunting dog that is only 2 retrieving points away from his AKC Field Champion. As you can see from the photos, Rowdy has an intense stylist point and he is a pure pleasure to watch in the field. He is a natural retriever and has a great desire for the water.  Rowdy brings much to the table and we couldn't be any more excited about this breeding.  His temperament is unbeatable and happy to friend anyone.  His pedigree is outstanding with many accomplished title dogs.

Deetz is our young solid liver female that is a hunter's dream dog. She needed very little training to prepare her for Navhda Natural Ability field test last year where she earned a Prize 1/112.  Deetz is an All-Around dog that won't disappoint you while hunting upland or waterfowl.  She has a soft natural retrieve that delivers right to hand.  Deetz hunts hard and long but also enjoys sleeping in your lap after a good day's hunt.  Deetz has a solid stable temperament that is always on the upbeat.  We plan on her finish her training for NAVHDA UT and MH for next year spring.   



Height 22.5"
Weight 50 lbs
PinnHip: Right 0.21, Left 0.22
Elbows: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
Cardiac: Normal
Eyes: Normal
DOD: March 23, 2019
CHIC# 158159
AKC# SS11536201
NAVHDA# GW-011677
Coat: Solid liver, medium      harsh medium dense

Height 24"
Weight 55 lbs
Hips: Excellent
Elbows: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
Cardiac: Normal
Eyes: Normal
DOB: May 21, 2015
CHIC# 122672
AKC# SR87996106
NAVHDA# GW-009556
Coat: Liver ticked, medium        harsh medium dense








Hobbs x Trek Litter Arrived April 26, 2022

Puppies Available

2nd Litter

                    9 puppies 
5 females (2 liver roans and 3 solid livers)
            4 males (all solid liver)


Canyon Creek Hobnobbing at Wireswest Navhda NA 1/112





Wireswest Off The Grid Navhda NA 1/112

Hobbs and Trek are fantastic land and water dogs and their pups should be of  the same caliber.  If you like to see a high tail with plenty of style, you have come to the right place. Hobbs and Trek have strong points with natural backing, natural retrieves, biddable manners, and excellent noses.  These pups are expected to have short tight coats.  Both parents are in training for NAVHDA UT training and doing very well (Hobbs on temporary rest).  Both dogs have hunted pheasants in Montana and chukars in Oregon.