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Canyon Creek Hobnobbing At Wireswest NA1/112 UT 1/204

DC AFC Dual Shot's Behind Bars NAVHDA NA1/112 UT III/178  x  Griff's Duke Madison NA II

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Thank you Canyon Creek Kennels for allowing Hobbs to come live at Wireswest.  When we heard of the pairing of her sire and dam, we jumped at the chance to get a puppy. We have used a number of fantastic outside studs for our females but this was our first "outside" puppy purchase since 1999.  We were not disappointed.  There is a lot of "great" to say about Hobbs and she still continues to impress us each hunting season. Hobbs has one of those special noses that can scent birds from a ridiculous distance.  Her ability to work that scent from undetected late-season wildly birds is a treasure.  Hobbs is also a natural backer and retriever.  All her natural combined talent has left very little needed training.  Hobbs just earned her Navhda UT in June with a perfect score.   

CHIC #                                          Height 23"      Weight 51 lbs      
DOB: 05/12/2020                       Pennhip:  Right Di= 0.30 Left Di= 0.26           
AKC # SS19704808                    Thyroid: Normal  Eyes:  Normal      
NAVHDA # GW-012529              Elbows: Normal  Heart: Normal  
Furnishings:  Ff      
            Breeder:  Trevor Ferguson DVM,  Canyon Creek Kennels                                              
Owned,Trained, and Handled by Meg Eden        



Hobbs first season  

  6 months old  


Hobbs at 8 weeks old

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